Resume - Rod Coleman

12245 Spruce Lane

Reno, NV 89511

Cell 775-232-2710

Objective - Help others succeed by applying my blend of experience in both business and

technology. I especially enjoy field assessment of smaller tech companies including their

staff, products, and prospects. I also have research interests in biometrics, handheld systems

and user interface design, yet have a strong bias to the bottom line for business operations.

2002 to 2007 - Sudden Incorporated - Consultant

Sudden View is a software product I developed years ago and still continue to support at my

website - I also do business and technical consulting under this corporation.

Sierra Computer of Reno has been a continuous client since 2001. During the last five years

I have also completed a liquidation for a travel company, market planning for an Intelligent

Flashlight manufacture, design development for a child tracking product along with other smaller

projects. Finally, I have served as a member of the Washoe County Grand Jury from 2004

through 2006 for one day a week for much of this term.

1986 to 2001 - Cimarron Computer dba MicroAge - General Manager

As co-founder, I helped to grow this systems and network services business from zero to over

five million per year, funded from profits.

At different times I directly managed the Service, Sales and Administrative groups. I also

have experience in strategic planning, business development, bank finance, purchasing and

project management.

I have been involved in a peer review group which meets three times a year to assist in

the management of similar businesses. It has exposed me to a wide variety of problems and


In 1994 I developed and had built a new 9000 square foot facility to house our business. On

this project I handled all finance, design, contract management and government planning


In 2001 I merged most of the operations of MicroAge with Sierra Computer of Reno Nevada. I

continue to do projects for Sierra Computer as well as other clients. During the last

seventeen years, I have also completed the following technical projects:

The "Nod" hands-free pointing device using a quadrature detector to

track head movement. (Conceptional design and patent application)

Motorola 68020 main board design for a MicroSage UNIX system

(Hardware only).

Hard disk controller for Xebec Inc. (Hardware & software design

managing 3 other people).

Remote diagnostics communication and reporting system for First

Class Peripherals (Software only).

Help define smog analysis data standard representing the State of

Nevada (Software & legislature committee work).

Sudden View text editor (18,000 lines of Modula-2 code).

Developed internal order processing, invoicing, customer

relationship management and inventory control database systems using

Paradox, FoxBase, C++, Visual Basic, SQL and Delphi.

Palm Pilot conduit development using Code Warrior.

Various customer web development using TCP/IP, HTML, Flash and Java.

Control for a non-invasive glucose detector (C++ software only)

1981 to 1986 - Sage Computer Technology - President

As founder and President I did the hardware design of a 68000-based microcomputer system, our

primary product. I then recruited a finance, marketing and manufacturing team, growing the

company to annual sales of $10MM with approximately 100 employees using venture funding. In

1984 we were awarded "Computer Product of the Year" by Electronic Products magazine.

1980 to 1981 - G.E. Nuclear Division - Consultant

Design, coded and tested an "in containment" Z80-based fiber optic safety monitoring system

for a nuclear power plant core (Software only).

1976 to 1980 - Lynch Communications - Senior Engineer

As Senior Software Design Engineer in this telecommunications company I help developed

telephony systems based on the 8008, 8080, 6502, 6800 and Z-80 microprocessors (mostly

software). I also spent a year doing mainframe CICS development.

1974 to 1976 - Humboldt Auto Supply - Controller

As Controller, I took the staff from 26 down to 13 while improving operations and response

time. I also developed accounting and inventory control systems on an IBM S/3 using RPG-II.

1972 to 1973 - Winklehaus Engineering - Survey Party Chief

1969 to 1971 - US Army - E-4 Avionics


US Army - Electronics, 1969 to 1970

College of the Redwoods - Physics, 1971 to 1972

University of Nevada - Engineering, 1977

Private Pilot and Instrument Rating 1978

Novell - CNE certification 1989

Various schools - IBM RPG-II, CCP, CICS, Novell, Intel, Motorola, HP

Member of the Washoe County Grand Jury 2004 to 2006

Certified Basic Keelboat Sailing, Basic Coastal Cruising, Bareboat Chartering 2000

Interest - Writing, hiking, sailing and history