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Best of Sudden Distruption

Sudden Disruption is my blog. Here are some of the more popular posts...

Booting Sage Computer

Amazing New Air Car

Iraq War or Live Fire Training?

What Ever Happened with
... H2S Induced Hibernation?

Best of Burning Man

Burning Man 2005
... Going Hard Core
Tyvekian Radiation Shield - Lick Your Plate, Drink Your Dishwater, Leave No Trace - Lost Penguin's Great Canadian Beaver Eating Contest

Burning Man 2006
... Best Burn Ever!

Hope and Fear - Club Verboten - Safety Third - Euchronia - Deflowering Maggie - It - The Perfect Couple - Stressed Structure

Burning Man 2007
... The Breaking Point
Crude Awakening - SMOU 17 - YUM! - Mylar Surprise - Early Burn - Green Theme - Bad Storm - Cubitron - Time Lapse Video - A Grim Prediction - Rainbows

Best of Hiking

Rating the Tahoe Rim Trail
... a Critical Review

Hiking the Grand Canyon
... Rim to Rim

Getting Blown Off Mt. Shasta

Suddden View Details

Sudden View is a radical alternative to the standard approach for editing text.

It promotes Copy, Cut, Paste and Move to Directly Manipulated mouse control, allowing you to move text around the screen in a visually live fashion.

Sudden View is unlimited shareware for Windows. Click screenshot for an animated demonstration and details or...

Download Sudden View

Suddden Consulting

"Unlike previous programmers, Rod Coleman showed me that the basic structure and logic of our previous repricing scripts were fundamentally flawed. This was an amazing contribution. If we had selected someone else, I fear we would have wasted another year or longer. I recommend Rod with enthusiasm!"
Carol Miller, 0wner, Grassroots Books

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